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We are a family owned business; not a franchise. Our goal is to provide you, our customer, and our community, a local proffessional lice removal service that is available to you when you need us and where you need us.

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We are extremely methodical in our lice removal process and we use a multi pronged approach to lice removal and to help you prevent the re-infestation of head lice on your child's head. We must check all house members in order to reduce the re-infestation of head lice. We will also empower you to prevent your child from contracting head lice in the future.

We'll work quickly and effeciantly so that we get rid of all the nits and lice together with the frustration, fear, embaracement, disturbance, annoyance, disgust and all of those inevitable emotions that often come with finding out that your child or you have lice. You are in very good hands!

They'll try to run and try to hide
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