Personal Injury Attorney Information

Your client's financial ability to remain in their case longer can be a decisive factor in your ability to negotiate larger settlements. Financially deep-pocketed defendants understand they can stretch out the time it takes and make your clients satisfactory offers. Personal Injury Funding Group provides your clients with immediate cash, giving you the time needed to maximize settlement.

Personal Injury Funding Group is in a position to provide pre-settlement funding to your clients who qualify. In order to keep the client's financial interest in the case, Personal Injury Funding Group will fund up to 20% of a case's potential settlement value. Pre-settlement funds can be used for personal debt, medical bills or legal expenses (i.e., expert witnesses) at the client's discretion with your recommendation. This can make a huge difference for your clients who are experiencing financial hardship which otherwise, could force them to settle for lower amounts of their cases.

The only criteria for Personal Injury Funding Group to pre-fund your client's settlement is the strength of their case. And there is no risk to you or your client if the case does not settle. Personal Injury Funding Group provides a non-recourse advance payment to your client. There are no credit checks, no employment verifications and no out-of-pocket up front or monthly fees.

Personal Injury Funding Group makes an investment in the future proceeds of your client's settlement in exchange for an assignment for return of principal and an investment fee. Assignment to Personal Injury Funding Group is satisfied only after attorney's fees, case costs and statutory liens are paid. If the case is lost, Personal Injury Funding Group receives NOTHING.

To contact a Personal Injury Funding Group professional to discuss financing any of your client's cases, please give us a call or have your client fill out our application. We will contact you at the most convenient time for you that you request.

Thank you in advance for your interest in Personal Injury Funding Group.


Know The Facts

  • FACT: 3 million people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year and insurance companies pay out nearly $20 billion in bodily injury claims annually. However, the average amount paid for these claims is less than $10,000.00!
  • FACT: Financially stable plaintiffs receive 46% higher settlements from their cases.

Don't settle for less than your client deserves. Let us help your client manager their bills why they wait for the proper settlement.